OurCodeLab Privacy Policy


OurCodeLab LLP (“Limited Liability Partnership”) is a Technology Startup Company that makes Software, Games and Websites through Mobile Application and Web Apps. We are registered in Singapore.

We collect our users and clients personal information such as their Mobile Number, Email etc. However, when we do so, we will inform our users and our customers about where and how their data is being collected and managed. Not all of the applications and services we offer requires any form of data collection.

We are very strict in terms of who will have access to the data collected within OurCodeLab. Collection of Personal Data is important to everyone and OurCodeLab is not going to take it lightly. We do not participate in selling and buying of external personal data for any activities running within OurCodeLab.

Data Collection Activities

OurCodeLab runs numerous activities, programmes and projects. Some of these activities, programmes and projects, including the product that we built, will require personal data information such as user’s name, contact details and other personal information. Some of these data collection activities are the following but not limited to:

  1. Account Creation in mobile applications
  2. Employee/Volunteer Recruitment
  3. Membership
  4. Client Information
  5. Beta Testing Group

Purpose of Data Collected

The data collected will be used internally depending on the purpose of the data collection. For example, in Impossible Cookie, we will require players to create their username and password in order for them to save their account in OurCodeLab Servers. However, they also have the option not to do so and have their accounts saved locally as well. Players will have the option to give up their email address to allow the facilitation of password reset.

For other programmes such as CodeLab Community Volunteer Recruitment, personal information of our volunteers will be needed for administrative and accounting purposes.

Medium of Data Collection

OurCodeLab primarily collects personal data through two separate ways. The first way is through the use of Google Forms. Google Forms, made by Google, has a strong reputation for data security and they have features set to allow us to restrict the accounts that have access to the data collected. The other way is through our applications. We will let users enter their information and we will safely secure them into our servers.

Usage of Personal Data

All personal data collected will be strictly kept confidential between OurCodeLab LLP and its users. OurCodeLab does not participate in trading personal information. Usage of personal data will be used internally and OurCodeLab have procedures in place to ensure that limited employees have access to the data provided by our customers.

OurCodeLab Commitment to Personal Data

OurCodeLab believes in user’s safety and personal data privacy. We ensure that our software are constantly updated to ensure that we have the latest technology built into our systems to prevent our user’s safety and personal data to be compromised.

For any further enquiries regarding our privacy policy, do reach out to us via Email at [email protected]

Last Revision: 16 December 2021